Free Consultation

This is a necessary first step to discuss your exact automotive needs and how our service can help you get the most value for your budget. We can also help you narrow down your vehicle choices and discuss your trade-in.


The Search

Once we have all of your specifications, we will arrange for any test drives, locate the perfect match, negotiate all aspects of the deal, and present you with an offer for your approval. If your car is not available, we can arrange for you to custom order one.


Sign & Drive

We will coordinate final arrangements so that all you need to do is sign papers and drive away in your new car!


Service Pricing

Because we work for you and have your best interests in mind, we never receive a dealer commission. Our fee is a flat $600 for all cars. The first half is paid when you hire us (refundable up until we give you the first vehicle price quote), and the second half is paid when you either take possession of an in-stock vehicle or place an order for a new car.