I purchased a new Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE to replace my 15-year-old 2005 Honda Civic. After discussing durability and reliability, Barry recommended Toyota as the manufacturer that best met my needs. He helped me sift through the offers and determined which dealerships were offering better deals. Using his in-depth knowledge, Barry explained to me that the Hatchback SE was cheaper than the similarly equipped Sedan SE and had better horsepower and fuel economy than the Sedan LE. He recommended the Corolla Hatchback SE because it was the best deal for my price point and that was the car I bought.

University Heights, OH

We had been driving a 2012 Honda CR-V for about 9 years and were leaning towards just buying a new model. Barry suggested we consider the Toyota RAV4 since it’s in the same class with a more powerful engine and more attractive design. He also told us that the XLE Premium trim would have all the features we were looking for. Given the supply chain shortages and his knowledge of the market, Barry was able to provide us with some creative options in order to save money. The car more than meets our expectations. Its spacious interior has plenty of room for weekend trips and our son’s car seat/stroller gear. I would highly recommend Barry’s services to anyone in the market for a new car!

Philadelphia, PA

When I decided to trade in my 9 year old car, I assumed that I would get the current model year version. Unfortunately, this didn’t meet my expectations as the new car was hard to handle and the dashboard controls weren’t user friendly. I was lost until I turned to Barry who listened to my concerns and patiently explored other models in my price range. He went through specification upgrades, handling and trim packages, as well as all the pros and cons of other cars to consider. Ultimately, it was the Lexus IS 350 F Sport that best fit my needs. He was even able to locate the car the same day in the color and trim package I wanted so I could see it and go for a test drive. This confirmed that I had made the right choice. It’s clear to anyone who works with him that Barry genuinely wants you to be happy with your next car purchase and will go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a pleasant and successful one.

Lyndhurst, OH

Barry provides a great service for anyone looking to buy a car, and I highly recommend him. He’s very helpful and friendly when assisting you with purchasing your next vehicle. Buying a car can be very stressful. Barry makes the process less trying. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Uniontown, OH

Barry made the car buying experience a pleasure. He was able to locate a car that I couldn’t find, negotiate the deal, and take care of all the paperwork. Barry was conscientious, thorough, and responsive to all my questions. I highly recommend Ohio Concierge Auto Purchasing for your car buying needs. I wouldn’t buy a car without them.

Gates Mills, OH

Barry guided me as I searched for an extremely specific, niche vehicle during one of the most difficult car markets in history. He listened to my focused criteria and continued to patiently assist me even as my preferences evolved. Barry sifted through the available cars nationwide and brought me only those that fit what I was looking for. As Barry found viable options, he conducted the initial outreach to the dealerships to vet the options further. Once Barry found the perfect car, he handled all the negotiations with the seller and was able to save me money, even in this difficult market. I cannot say enough about how valuable his insights were and how patient, comprehensive, and accurate his analysis was. I would recommend his assistance to anyone looking for help finding the right vehicle.

Washington, DC

Barry and his company, Ohio Concierge Auto Purchasing, are the best! Barry delivered the highest quality service to me and my wife. He guided us across the entire car buying journey. Barry helped us research and hone in on the makes and models that best suited our needs. He was a trusted advisor and provided unbiased, expert advice on which 3-4 vehicles we should test drive and compare. Barry took care of all the stress and time-consuming motions of contacting dealers and negotiating the best price on my behalf. He worked quickly and was thorough in his search, and was able to provide me and my wife with a ton of leverage, which saved us a great deal of time, money, and most importantly, stress, when dealing with all these dealerships who all tried these heavy-handed sales tactics. Thanks Barry! We love our new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid!

Chicago, IL

Barry was extremely thorough, patient, and fast! He walked us through the entire process so we wouldn’t have any surprises. It was our first time using a concierge service and I can’t imagine going through another purchase without the help of Ohio Concierge Auto Purchasing.

Irvine, CA

Barry at Ohio Concierge Auto Purchasing is truly amazing. He was extremely helpful with all aspects of my car purchase and made it stress-free. Barry helped with research and was very knowledgeable about all the brands we were looking at and gave us both positives and negatives of each brand/model. He scheduled our test drives so we could just walk into the dealership and they were ready for us. We didn’t waste time discussing the cars with the sales reps except to answer our questions. Once we decided on a model, Barry did all the negotiating and spoke with multiple dealerships to find the best deal. Not only did he get us a great price, he also got us more for our trade-in than I expected. A great and stress-free process, I will use him for every car I buy or lease in the future. I cannot recommend him enough.

Shaker Heights, OH

Initial conversation to done deal took less than 48 hours! I cannot say enough good things about working with Barry and this service. Leading up to my initial call with Barry, I was getting frustrated by trying to navigate the low inventory and nonsense deals being offered to me by my local dealerships. Barry quickly helped us hone in on the features that really mattered, found the exact car I was looking for, and brokered the entire deal – saving us thousands of dollars and countless hours!

Chicago, IL

Working with Ohio Concierge Auto Purchasing was a fantastic experience. Within a week of providing my requirements and preferences, I had the car I wanted at a great price with no stress and very little effort on my part. I had high expectations going into the process and they were exceeded.

Chagrin Falls, OH

I hired Barry to help me purchase a truck. Luckily, he talked me out of the truck I thought I was going to buy based on the reviews and ratings. The process was easy, quick, and I saved money! I have given his name out 5+ times since I bought my truck. This is the way to buy a vehicle.

Akron, OH